Bio ZOOM Park
Bio ZOOM Park

ZOOM is a is the first immersive “Bioparco” in Italy, to share knowledge of animals and their habitat. Zoom is born because we really love for the Nature and we understand the it is in danger.

Here some suggested excursions tu get you directly to nature’s heart:

  • Tiger Talk: a biologist will take you to the habitat of Maraja tigers, to give you information on these big cats and tell you some anecdotes and curiosities about Silvestro, the tiger of the park.
  • Penguin Feeding: come and see how our biologists feed the penguins. During the day they alternate moments in which they eat in water, at times when they eat on land.
  • Petra's Raptors: you can assist to the spectacular flight demonstrations of birds in the new Petra Amphitheater. An ancient temple designed to enhance the acrobatic qualities of our birds of prey.

Do not miss the chance to dive in Bolder Beach, the pool that is inspired by the famous South African beach where men and penguins swim in the same waters. At a few minutes from the Casa del Grande Vecchio you can swim next to the penguins separated only by a glass and by immersing you can listen to the whale song and the dolphin chatte